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How our on-demand trucks differ from traditional trucks

Traditional ‘drum trucks’ (also known as ready-mix trucks) operate very differently from our state-of-the-art mobile on-demand trucks in several significant ways.
Mixing Capability

Traditional drum trucks transport pre-mixed concrete to job sites, where a 1-833 MIX IT 4 U truck can mix concrete on- site. This greatly limits their ability to make any adjustments to the mix on-site. This often results in having far more concrete than needed which is wasteful not to mention, delivering pre-made concrete that is vulnerable to premature hardening and spoilage.

Measuring and Dispensing

Traditional drum trucks transport and dispense pre-mixed concrete from rotating drums, which were never designed to measure or dispenses exact or accurate amounts of concrete needed for a given job. 1-833 MIX IT 4 U trucks are designed to measure and dispense the exact amount of concrete needed for a job, creating zero to minimal waste.

Power Source

Typically, traditional drum trucks have diesel engines which also power their rotating drums and create higher carbon emissions and fuel consumption. 1-833 MIX IT 4 U trucks use electric or hydraulic power for mixing, making them a greener solution.

Route Planning and Scheduling

Traditional drum trucks must drive back to the batch plant to reload after every load, which makes them less efficient in terms of route planning and scheduling, whereas 1-833 MIX IT 4 U trucks can move directly from one job site to the next.


Traditional drum trucks are extremely limited in the type and quality of concrete they transport: they can only deliver one particular type and strength of concrete each delivery. By contrast, 1-833 MIX IT 4 U trucks allow for greater flexibility in both the type and quality of concretes offered, as the proportions of the any given mix can be readily adjusted on-site and on-demand to meet any project needs.

Environmental Impact

1-833 MIX IT 4 U drum trucks burn less fossil fuel, create less emissions, and can fully adjust their mix on site and on-

demand to reduce waste.


Traditional drum trucks lack the same technology that 1-833 MIX IT 4 U trucks come fully equipped with: GPS tracking and state of the art telematics systems that enable more efficient route planning and scheduling which further reduce fuel consumption and emissions.



The key ingredients that go into making a load of concrete are stored and transported in separate containers on board the truck. These are:


  • Sand and stone (i.e., aggregates) are each in their respective open bins

  • Cement powder is in a closed, watertight bin behind the aggregates

  • Water is in an extra / side tank

  • The sand and stone gate adjusts to position, whereupon water flow rates are set

Truck Image


  • Once the storage bins are loaded, the operator selects the correct mix design / ratio for that pour

  • The separate sand and stone ingredients exit their respective bins under the cement bin and drop into the mixing auger

  • The cement bin precisely measures and introduces the correct amount of cement powder into the mix

  • All materials are now combined and thoroughly mixed     The mix then flows down the discharge chute where

  • perfect concrete is produced



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